Committee Members

Alice Ewerdt, Human Services

Andrew Konkel, CAP Services

Ashley Rome, Public Health

Auttum Powell, Marshfield Clinic AmeriCorps Member

Barb Johnson, Pine River HCE

Bruce Runnels, Citizen

Chris Sluke, Wautoma Schools

Chuck Pallister, Citizen

Corrinda Rainey-Moore, Wisconsin Council for Children and Families

Cynthia Loa, UMOS

Deacon Bob Precourt, St. Marks and Sacred Heart Churches

Debbie Paavola, Waushara County Department of Aging

Erin Olson, CAP Services

Helena Waala, Citizen

Jackie Siegel, Citizen

Jan Novak, Human Services

Jessica Miller, Citizen

Jill Wilbert, CAP Services

Judy Harris, League of Women Voters

Julie Johannes, Waushara County Aging & Disability Resource Center

Kate Surprise, Human Services

Kathy Thunes, East Central Partnership

Kelly Hudson, Citizen

Ken Taylor, Wisconsin Council for Children and Families

Lindsay Burt, Family Health LaClinica

Lisa Hayes, CAP Services Head Start

LuAnn Pallister, Citizen

Lynda Worden, Pine River HSE

Marge Scholar, Human Services Board

Marie Carlson, Waushara Industries

Mary LaBlanc, Human Services

MaryAnn Schilling, UW-Extension

Nicole Harrison, CAP Services

Nicole Overbeck, Wautoma Library

Patrick Nehring, UW-Extension

Patti Miller, Public Health

Peggy Hetzel, Plainfield Business Association

Ronnie Davidson, First Congregational UCC Food Pantry

Shannon Eggers, Human Services

Trevor Cooper, Public Health AmeriCorps

William Rosenau, Veterans Services

Zina Soltis, UW-Extension


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