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Source: WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES Division of Long Term Care P-00138 (10/2009) http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/aging/demographics/

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” – Satchel Paige

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get more involved in your community? Or is it to have a healthy and active life while you age? There’s a new committee in town called Active Aging, a subcomittee of the Waushara Prevention Council, Inc. Adults, 55 years and older can come together and advocate for themselves, those they care for, neighbors, and for the years that are ahead of you. Come learn about the opportunities and resources the community has available for you. The committee will be exploring unmet needs and services, and look at existing services and opportunities to support current services.

Through the efforts to support the community agencies and support groups, the committee will encourage active aging adults to volunteer. This opportunity will build and exercise skills, talents and wisdom. Other supported advocacy efforts will focus on the awareness of educational programs, Health Promotion, and many more resources.

There are many ways to stay active and to be a helper within your community. Becoming involved is a great first step in keeping physically and mentally healthy and giving back to the community.

For more information contact Shannon Rhode at 920-787-6666, shannonr.courthouse@co.waushara.wi.us or Pat Bero at 920-787-6600, patb.parkstreet@co.waushara.wi.us.

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