Facts & Info

  • Every 8 seconds someone turns 65 years old and the resources needed are limited.
  • Approximately 92% of older adults have at least one chronic disease, and 77% have at least two. Four chronic diseases –heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes–cause almost two-thirds of all deaths each year.
  • Chronic diseases account for 75% of the money our nation spends on health care, yet only 1% of health dollars are spent on public efforts to improve overall health.
  • The nation spends $30 billion a year treating older adults for the effects of falls. If we cannot stem the rate of falls, it’s projected that direct treatment costs will reach $59.6 billion by 2020. A quarter of hip fracture patients will be in a nursing home for at least a year, further adding to Medicaid costs.
  • One in four older adults experiences some mental disorder including depression, anxiety disorders, and dementia. This number is expected to double to million by 2030.