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When you give, you receive…

Consider giving your time, talents or resources and

make a difference in someone’s life

Active Aging Logo
Active Aging
Become an Advocate for yourself and others aged 55 years and older:

  • Help determine unmet needs
  • Identify educational programs
  • Learn about short and long-term volunteer opportunities in the community
  • Help create or enhance various support groups
  • Become aware of activities in the community
  • Make a difference in someone’s life 55 years or older

Amanda Kutcher – Co-Chair
Aging & Disability Resource Center

Healthy Communities Healthy Youth Logo
Healthy Communities Healthy Youth
Healthy Communities Healthy Youth believes that youth thrive when they feel supported and valued by the community.

  • Be an Asset Builder. The 40 Developmental Assets provide great ideas on ways youth can be supported. Visit to find how you can help youth of various ages develop assets they need to succeed in life.
  • Attend Family and Community Town Suppers (FACTS)
  • Provide alcohol and drug free activities for youth
  • Become a member of the Healthy Communities Healthy Youth committee.

Mary LaBlanc – Chair
Waushara County Dept. Human Services

Vision 2020 Logo
Vision 2020: Ending Poverty in Waushara County
Learn about poverty in Waushara County

  • Join a workgroup to take action
  • Host a Poverty Simulation
  • Share information with others
  • Volunteer or donate to a Food Pantry
  • Sponsor weekend meals for a child in need
  • Help create living wage jobs

Jan Novak – Chair
Waushara County Dept. Human Services