Committee Members

The Waushara Prevention Council, Inc. is an organization built on the principals of working together to benefit the individuals and families who create the unique tapestry of our County. The following list includes our members and collaborative partners who are committed to building a better community:

Council Chairs:
Jan Novak, 920-787-6600

Hans Brammer, 920-787-6550

Mary Ann Saiyed, 920-279-9985

Member At Large:
Pastor Dave Sielaff, 920-418-3999

Partner Members:
Liz Bechard, Community Member
Pat Bero, Human Services
Kelly Borchardt, Child Care R&R of Central Wisconsin
Hans Brammer, AmeriCorps Member
Jennifer Caravella, UW-Extension
Sara Dahlstrom, Upward Bound
Judy Meier, Community Member
Patti Miller, Public Health Dept.
Jan Novak, Human Services
Samantha Nowak, Upward Bound
Mary LaBlanc, Big Brothers Big Sisters
Shannon Rhode, Aging & Disability Resource Center
Mary Ann Saiyed, Community Member
Marge Sholar, Human Services Board
Pastor Dave Sielaff, First Lutheran Church
David Stelter, AmeriCorps Member
Joan Voigt, Community Member
Lynne Wichmann, Options for Indep. Living, Inc.
Jill Wilbert, CAP Domestic Abuse Outreach Program

Additional Committee Members:
Wendy Appel, Crossroads Academy-Wautoma Schools
Scott Blader, District Attorney
Jim Blaszczyk, Citizen
Lindsay Campbell, Juvenile Justice
Kim Cassidy, Citizen
Sara Dahlstrom, Upward Bound
Bill Denkert, Waushara Area Chamber of Commerce
Judy Downie, Waushara Chamber/Visitors Bureau
Pete Duesterbeck, Wild Rose Kiwanis
Glori Embrey, Naomi House
Sara Gauerke, Citizen
Whitney Golding, Human Services
Lafe Hendrickson, School Liaison Officer
Fred Johannes, Citizen
Julie Johannes, Aging & Disability R&R
Pastor George Kafer, Grace United Methodist
Ted Kay Exec. Director Family Health Medical/Dental – La Clinica
Jeff Kasuboski, Administrator Wautoma Schools
Jay Klemann, Probation & Parole
Jamie Koehler, Wild Rose Schools
Andrew Konkel, CAP Services, Inc.
Brianna Kulibert, Human Services
Aaron Kumferman, Plainfield Police Dept.
Tony Marinack, Administrator Tri-County Schools
Libby Mertens, Human Services
Scott Milheiser, Citizen
Jeff Nett, Sheriff’s Dept.
Patrick Nehring, UW-Extension
Karen Nesbit, St. Mark/Sacred Heart Churches
Claude Olson, Administrator Wild Rose Schools
Nicole Overbeck, Wautoma Public Library
Debbie Paavola, Dept. of Aging
Robert Pemble, Jail & Prison Ministry
David Peterson, Sheriff
Nancy Reilly, St. Joseph Youth Ministry
Randy Reilly, Wautoma Police Dept.
William Rosenqau, Veterans Services Officer
Craig Ruddy, Citizen
Nancy Ruddy, Citizen
Bruce Runnels, Citizen
Russ Sanders, Wild Rose Police Dept.
Sue Shemanski, Human Services
Jennifer Smith, CAP Domestic Abuse Outreach Program
Barb Sobralske, Wild Rose Elementary Schools
Paul Theyel, Human Services
Cecila Tovar, Community Member
Helena Waala, Mayor City of Wautoma
Tammy Wartzenluft, Human Services