Publish Date:    January 10. 2017



They are children, mostly between the ages of 12 and 14. They are girls and boys. They are being observed and groomed for the human sex trafficking trade. And, sadly, there is strong evidence that this is happening in all 72 counties in Wisconsin.


One of the main goals of the Waushara County Human Trafficking Committee is to bring awareness of Human Trafficking to all residents, and especially to middle and high school youth. As traffickers target younger and younger victims, American youth are engaged in a battle they never prepared for.


Through generous donations of organizations and individuals, the DVD “Chosen” from Shared Hope International will be placed in all eight Waushara County Libraries sometime in mid January. The DVD reveals the actual story of two teen girls who were tricked by traffickers.  One girl (18) was a star student. She was eager to leave her small town and go to a college in a nearby large city. The other, age 13, enjoyed church and school but struggled to take care of her siblings while her mom worked and her dad was deployed. The two-part video reveals how traffickers used manipulation and threats to lure these girls into the world of sex trafficking. It then offers practical resources to spread awareness and take action.


Please consider checking out this two-part DVD from your local library and become more aware of what is going on regarding human trafficking. For more information contact Patti Crump, ASTOP Advocate, Waushara County, Patti@astop.org, 920-926-5395.

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