Vision 2020 Initiatives in Waushara

The Vision 2020 Committee is an initiative of the Waushara Prevention Council, Inc. with a focus on addressing economic insecurity in Waushara County. Since 2008, the committee has worked to bring individuals and groups together to increase awareness about the county’s economic health, its impact on families and the broader community and to identify strategies and solutions.


In addition to Facebook posts (Vision2020Waushara), public speaking, educational events and media releases the committee’s projects and workgroups address priorities established by the community.


The committee’s Community Resources workgroup publishes and distributes resource information including pocket resource cards, resource pages and a document called “Help for Hard Times”. All publications are available at in English and Spanish or can be requested by contacting Jan Novak at 920-787-6600.


The Waushara Food Connections workgroup addresses issues of hunger and access to affordable food. The committee promotes development and use of community gardens; offers technical assistance to small grocery stores to prevent food deserts; assists area food pantries and in cooperation with UW-Extension has developed an interactive map to locate local food producers/food stands ( Questions about Waushara Food Connections or groups interested in participating in a hunger simulation called the Community Food Challenge are encouraged to contact Patrick Nehring at 920-787-0416.


The county’s economic challenges are evident by high free/reduced lunch rates reported in area schools. The Vision 2020 Backpack Nutrition Program provides weekend meals for children who qualify for free/reduced lunch.  The program provides weekend meals to nearly 150 elementary students each week.


If you are interested in learning more about Vision 2020 and ways you can become involved, contact Jan Novak at 920-787-6600, 888-250-4331 or .

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