Mosquito Avoidance

Most of us know what it’s like to have irritating mosquito bites. Luckily, in most cases there are usually no additional problems other than controlling the itch. However, there is still a very small chance of coming into contact with mosquito-borne viruses such as West Nile Virus or Eastern Equine Encephalitis.  These are rare diseases in our area, but nonetheless it is worth protecting ourselves from mosquitoes.  Here are some reminders that you can give.

  1. Avoid mosquitoes, it is best to stay indoors during the period of dusk till dawn when mosquitoes are most active
  2. When outdoors, remember to cover your skin with long pants and shirts and use mosquito repellant.
  3. Repellant that contains DEET is most effective, but avoid using repellant with more that 10% DEET on children.
  4. Also, dump containers such as wheelbarrows, buckets, wading pools and other containers that can hold stagnant water.
  5. You should clean other water-holding containers such as birdbaths and pet watering dishes once a week.
  6. These simple strategies will not only reduce the small chance of contracting mosquito-borne viruses, they’ll keep the itch factor way down.

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