Choosing Quality Childcare


Choosing Quality Child Care


One of the greatest gifts you can provide for your child is quality child care.  Early care and education experiences lay the foundation for how your child grows and learns.  Brain studies show that a flurry of important learning takes place during infancy through early primary school years.  Here are some things to consider when choosing a child care provider:  Does your child care provider understand how children learn and grow?  Does she have experience and education in working with young children?  Does she use clearly written policies and procedures?  Does she get down to the child’s level when speaking?

Here are some things to consider about the environment:  Is it clean and safe on the inside and outside?  Are toys and activities available for each age group?  Is the ratio of caregivers to children legal?  (In Wisconsin, when a person cares for 4 or more unrelated children under the age of seven, they need a license to do so.)

Here are some things to consider about the program:  Is quiet time and active play available both indoors and outdoors?  Is creative play encouraged?  Do the child care providers use friendly and positive words to guide a child?  Is TV or screen time limited?  Do all caregivers and children wash their hands often?  The work isn’t over once you’ve found good care for your child.  Stay involved, regularly ask questions and make unannounced visits.  Call or email Childcaring for more information on choosing quality child care:  1-800-628-8534 or 



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