4/21/16 Agenda


(Assigned by County Clerk)


Public Notice – Waushara County


Meeting of: Vision 2020: Ending Poverty in Waushara County

Purpose of Meeting: Regular- Full Membership

Date:   April 21, 2016

Time: 10:30AM-Noon

Place: Waushara County Courthouse Basement – Demonstration Room

213 West Park Street, Wautoma


Awareness – Education – Action


                                                Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome – Introductions


  1. Meeting Secretary


  1. Approval of Agenda & Minutes


  1. Logo/tag line update (Ad hoc committee)


  1. Waushara County Household Food Security Survey (Patrick)


  1. Outreach Plans (Jan)


  1. Q&A – Workgroup Reports


  1. Calendar of Events – Share meeting dates/activities with Eli Ashley for publication


  1. Announcements & Open Forum


  1. 2016 Meetings – July 18th , October 17th


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Chairman / Secretary (or designee)



Accepted By:                                                                                                                                                              


** PLEASE NOTE: Under the provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act, if special accommodations are necessary to attend this meeting, please notify

Jan Novak at 920-787-6600 or jan.novak@co.waushara.wi.us



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