2/15/16 Minutes

Vision 2020: Ending Poverty in Waushara County

Meeting Minutes – February 15, 2016


Mission: “To engage our community in the elimination of poverty”

Awareness – Education – Action


Present: Jan Novak, DHS; Shannon Eggers, DHS; Lieah Van Gompel, Family Health/LaClinica; Jill Wilbert, CAP Services -Domestic Abuse Outreach; Mary LaBlanc, DHS, Bruce Runnels, American Legion and GUMC; Patrick Nehring  UW-Extension; Zina Soltis, W-Extension; Marty Lee, Waushara Commodities Food Pantry; Peggy Hetzel, Plainfield Business Association.


Welcome and Introductions:  Meeting called to order by Jan Novak at 10:32am.


Meeting Secretary – Mary LaBlanc will take notes for today’s meeting.


Approval of Agenda and Minutes: Motion by Mary L, 2nd by Zina S to approve the agenda as published.  motion carried.


Waushara County Snapshot & Next Steps:

  • “Economic Security Profile” has updated logo (delete ending poverty in Waushara County language).
  • Marty suggests adding monthly cost of “senior care” to the snapshot and suggests using term “financial insecurity” instead of poverty.
  • PowerPoint is ready for community presentations. Each slide contains talking points/comments. Looking for committee volunteers – Jill & Mary want to observe before leading community presentations or attend as a support person
  • Jan will add a slide that includes solutions and community programs offered through V2020
  • Jan & Patrick sharing information with Wautoma Kiwanis at 7am on Feb 18th.
  • Other community groups for presentations include: churches, library directors, women’s groups, service groups, city/village boards, quilting groups, county board and Knights of Columbus.
  • Each committee member is asked to share the name and contact information of 2 community groups they would identify for a community presentation. Email information to Jan.


Language of Poverty:  Ad hoc committee to develop Vision 2020 re-branding plan to engage the larger community.  Jan, Marty, Patrick, Lieah, MaryAnn Schilling


Workgroup Updates: Workgroup reports sent to committee. Special thanks to Shannon E. for her work updating the 2016 resource publications.


Membership Agreements:  Jan explained the purpose of these and handed them out for signatures


Priority Review & Calendar of Events:  Jan explained priority issues for Vision2020. Consensus is to continue working in priority areas already established with increased efforts to educate the community. Re: Transportation Needs – Marty will follow up with “Work & Wheels Program” serving Adams County for potential expansion. The Waushara Commodities Food Pantry provides limited delivery of pantry goods as needed.

Update 2016 calendar of events. Remove prepare & plant community garden and survey of WIC/Food Share participants. More interest and opportunities to offer EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) payment options at fresh produce stands to expand Food Share recipient access.


Announcements/Open Forum:

  • Household food security survey results will be available for next meeting.
  • Committee asked to provide two Prevention Pointer columns each year describing the committee’s work.

2016 Meetings:  April 21st, July 18th and October 17th


Meeting Adjourned: 12:06pm


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