Impact & Accomplishments

There are several strategies that HCHY has used throughout the years to help make a positive impact on the community.

In the past, the committee supported presentations to the school districts entitled “Parent Party Patrol”.  A representative from Law Enforcement, an insurance company, public health, AODA counselor and prevention specialist and a parent would talk about the impact of alcohol and other drugs on youth.  They encouraged parents to talk with their youth about making healthy choices.  This presentation is still available.

HCHY sponsors Family Ski Day, a yearly event where youth and families can go skiing or tubing at a reduced rate.  This event promotes family fun.  Other alcohol and drug free activities HCHY has donated to include but aren’t limited to, mentoring programs, fun events for youth, youth leadership workshops, Post Proms, Skate Park, and parent education programs.

In 2004, HCHY started to host Family and Community Town Suppers, FACTS.   Attendance of all ages has ranged from 50 to over 100 participants.  These have been exciting events that include a meal, panel presentation, table discussion and large group discussion.

Dates and topics:

  • September 27, 2004: ‘Have our Communities been targeted?’ focus on 40 Developmental Assets
  • October 24, 2005:  “Our Communities and Meth!”
  • April 24, 2006:  “Homelessness in Waushara County”
  • November 6, 2006:  “Youth, Use and You”
  • April 2, 2007:  “Youth: Alcohol/Drugs – the Next Steps”
  • March 31, 2008:  “Youth Voice Their Perspective on Underage Drinking”
  • November 17, 2008:  “Vision 2020: Ending Poverty in Waushara County”
  • March 30, 2009:  “Let’s Party, Wisconsin-Style…But Be Aware!”
  • October 19, 2009:  “Technology Crimes: What Parents & Youth Don’t Know”
  • March 15, 2010:  “Wasted In Wisconsin”
  • October 18, 2010:  “Choices Youth are Making in Waushara County”
  • October 17, 2011:  “Prescription Drug Abuse”

HCHY has also helped support the Tri-County, Waushara and Wild Rose School Districts with school surveys.  For a number of years, the Search Institute Survey was used which helped to measure the number of assets youth had and risky behaviors they were into.  Due to cost, these surveys weren’t able to be offered any more.  In February of 2010, the Choices Survey was done in grades 7, 9 and 11.  The results gave a good indication as to what risky behaviors youth are into as well as what assets they have.  Some data is listed in the Facts and Information section.

The annual Recognition Dinner for Asset Builders is usually held in June.  This is a very positive event.  People comment on how they are unaware of all that goes on in Waushara County.  To date there have been 434 individuals and organizations recognized for the work they are doing for and with youth.