MapWalk- Enjoy Physical Activity!!

Map WalkFinding time in a day to dedicate ourselves to staying healthy can be very difficult. Working men and women need to take action in daily healthy lifestyle choices. Getting 30 minutes of physical activity each day is extremely important to leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There is no better way to incorporate activity into the workday than by establishing a walking group with your employees. Whether it’s a 15, 30, or 60 min walk before, at lunch, or after work; you can easily be active at work. The MapWalk Toolkit is one method to help get started and it provides a number of other ideas to create a “Walking Community”. It is a free online program which allows you to map your favorite routes around town, starting and ending from your choice of location. After choosing your route it will tell you the distance, time, and calories you and your co-workers will burn on each route. After mapping some of your favorite routes you can send the map, distance, time, and calories burned to your walking group by email.

MapWalk is a unique and enjoyable resource to help us stay active and use the communities we live in to do so. MapWalk provides people the same support as a local fitness center, for FREE! Engaging in social activity is often one of the most encouraging ways to exercise. Additionally MapWalk allows people to schedule exercise into their busy day and see the rewards through the calories they will burn.

To download the MapWalk toolkit go to and to begin developing your mapping community go to . For any questions concerning MapWalk or its functionalities please contact Morgan Abert (Waushara County Public Health Intern) 920-787-6537 morgana.parkstreet

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