Human Trafficking

Publish Date:   January 17, 2017

Human Trafficking

By now the trimmings of Christmas have been packed away.   We have grown weary of keeping the spirit of the Christmas season.  There are challenges to packing away the spirit of Christmas.  One begins with St. Nicholas, a story that goes beyond stockings stuffed with sweets and treats.


Nicholas was a man of great wealth and compassion.  He heard of a poor family with three daughters but no means to provide the dowries needed to be considered for marriage.  Without dowries, the young women were certain to be sold into slavery, or worse, into prostitution.  Nicholas tossed bags of gold into the home and thus provided the needed dowries.    Try to imagine the thoughts and feelings of this family.


Now, try to imagine that your son or daughter has been coerced into human trafficking.  Human trafficking, the selling of young girls and boys for sex, is a real problem in our state and community.  We are not powerless to address the problem.  We begin by recognizing that human bodies and spirits have immeasurable value and should not be bought or sold.


We continue by learning about and supporting efforts to end human trafficking.  We can support the efforts of the Waushara County Human Trafficking Committee and other groups that are working to rescue those being trafficked and supporting victims in their healing process.  May compassion and hope live on through us.


For more information about the Waushara County Human Trafficking Committee contact Pastor Barb Girod at 920-787-3187.

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