Childhood Lead Prevention Week


Childhood Lead Prevention Week


There are multiple sources of lead in the environment that threaten the developing minds and capacities of young children. One of the main risks of exposure are with housing built before 1978 or after 1950, which may or may not contain lead based paint.


8 Lead Safety Tips:

  1. Lead poisoning is serious – especially for young children who can experience permanent learning and behavior problems, slowed growth, damage to the nervous system and brain, and even death.
  2. Get your children tested – even children who seem healthy can have high levels of lead in their bodies.
  3. Children who eat enough healthy foods are less likely to get lead poisoning – 3 meals a day that are high in calcium and iron.
  4. Wash your hands often – and teach your children to wash their hands before eating, before bed and after playing outside.
  5. Keep your home clean – dust and dirt around the house can contain lead.
  6. Repair peeling paint – never try to remove lead paint yourself. Do not let children chew on any surface that has been painted.
  7. Be aware of lead in toys – toys made outside of the U.S. may have lead in the paint or plastic.
  8. Find out if lead is a problem in your home – your local health department can test your home for lead paint and lead in the water.


For each group of Wisconsin children age 0-6 today protected from any lead exposure, the improvement in the state high school graduation rate and reduction in crime would save Wisconsin $28 billion.


If you have any questions or concerns about lead contact the Waushara County Health Department.

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