Character Education: Teaching Respect

Wautoma Area School District Character Education Initiative is highlighting 7 character traits throughout the school year.  A trait is introduced at the beginning of the month in each building and then activities related to the trait are carried out throughout the month.  Each school is including parents and community members to work collaboratively with the staff to implement the character education program.  One way the schools are doing this is by inviting parents and community leaders into the schools.  Another way is to write articles and share resources with the community on ways they can help develop character in our youngest citizens.   Each month you will find tips from various resources on how to develop character in children here in the Prevention Pointer section of the Resorter.

November character trait is RESPECT. Respect for self, respect for others, respect for property, respect of country and respect for nature are good ways to break down this pretty large concept.  Teaching manners is a great place to start with young children.  Saying please and thank you, addressing adults as Mr. and Ms. (Miss, Mrs.)   are some examples of teaching respect for others.   Letting children know their feelings, thoughts and opinions are important to their family and others around them helps children have respect for self.  The number one way for children to learn respect is to see respect from their parents, coaches, teachers, and other adults.  When adults show respect to their partners, parents, friends and the children themselves, children will imitate their role models.

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