Annual Meeting Evaluations 11/1/16

Waushara Prevention Council Annual Meeting


November 1, 2016


What did you like about today’s meeting?

The food was awesome

The format was good, sharing what each committee is doing

Getting everyone together and hearing committee updates

Networking with other individual’s and their organizations

The food was great!

Overview of Prevention Council history

Talk time at tables and collaboration and sharing ideas.

Great lunch

Diversity amongst members bringing a wealth of experience & knowledge to the meeting

Collaboration – Team effort

Great networking opportunity to get ideas and meet other leaders in the county

Discussions at the table

Group sharing

Well planned

Group discussion to generate ideas

Everybody had a chance

Talking with others, learning about initiatives of other groups

Brainstorming, collaboration

Friendly, open

Collaborating ideas to get all generations involved in all the communities

Small group discussion

Putting all of the groups together

Good food

Enthusiastic presentations

Inspirational video

Brainstorming ideas and meeting new partners for programs and projects.


What did you not like about todays’ meeting?

Tough to make time to attend the meeting, but there is not a better time.

Very slow-moving, maybe make more interactive

Time constraint, felt rushed at the end

Timing of table discussion

Expected a slightly larger turnout

Too much time for lunch, cut it down a bit

Lack of time

Balance time between each committee that shared

Informal and informative


What are some things that you learned today?

I knew nothing about the active aging group before today

Different resources to explore – clergy, tavern league, Boy and Girl Scouts

All of the activities that committees are involved in

Some of the history of the Prevention Council

Activities of other committees

What some of the other members do/what their role(s) is/are

What are some things that you learned today? (cont.)

What services are offered at organizations

A lot!

Vision 2020 new mission statement – Better fit

More about what the other committees we are working on

What active aging is doing

WADS has a school garden

What other committees are doing

Money available for school ideas

A lot but that’s because I’m new to the Prevention Council

Backpack program – 2008 started

The Geese story

What other communities are doing, where we can expand/improve

Vision 2020

Elderly would like to be more involved with youth groups

Information on the people involved with work that is being done

Much more about what the various groups have done.  The good work all these groups are doing.

Every time we discuss what each group is working on I learn something new.  What a great group of people doing good work.


Name some things you would like to work on, after today?

Getting more organizations to the table

Better county-wide representation

Getting more actively involved

Expand my understanding of all the county resources and connect

Collaborate with the organization and other area resources to best provide services and programs.

More students to HCHY meeting

Getting older adults in our schools for help

More work with school districts

Further work with inter-generational efforts

CHAT group plunge

Subcommittees working together

Just keep well-informed – check re: Farm Bureau re: speaker from Vision 2020

I think involving kids in HCHY is a great idea, especially as someone who is recently in their situation

Continue with work on Vision 2020

Possible group to address concerns of local Hispanic/Latino population


Resource awareness

Cultural awareness (share Hispanic/Latino culture with greater community)

Adopt a grandparent

Check with our shop classes to see if they would build park benches

Working with more of the groups specifically sharing this good work with others


Additional Comments:

Thanks for the invite.  I really enjoyed meeting people who are trying to make our community a better place!

Great meal.  Great video!

“Prevention” – Seems like law enforcement would want to be more involved.

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