8/9/16 Minutes

Active Aging Committee


August 9, 2016


Mission: Encourages aging adults to continue active healthy lives.

Vision: Exploring unmet needs, services, and existing services, opportunities


Present: Deb, Amanda and Pat

Start: 1:30 p.m.


Park Assessment – Marl Lake County Park: The committee checked out the park to see if the facility was a good place for seniors and those with disabilities to visit. The committee filled out a form which Amanda will keep.


Active Aging Articles – No changes made.


Areas of Priorities for 2016         

  1. A+ Program: Still on hold until Kendra returns from maternity leave.
  2. Trails & Parks Assessment: Finished the assessment for Marl Lake County Park.
  3. Healthy Aging Website: No update
  4. Community Fair: Deb handed out flyers to be posted, Waushara Area Church Listing, 2015 Community Fair Participants, and letters to distribute for this years Fair on October 1, 2016. Those present went through the list to sign up who was going to give who the letters. Deb will give Helen the letters to give to the groups she usually contacts. Registration deadline is Sept. 15.
  5. Senior Center Activities: There will be a “Traveling Easel Class in September. Punch and snacks will be provided.


Next Meeting & Future Agenda Items: September 13, 1:30 at Kussel Lake in order to access park. Continue updates on above items.


Adjourn: 2:30 p.m.


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