7/18/16 Minutes

Vision 2020: Ending Poverty in Waushara County

Meeting Minutes – July 18, 2016

To engage and mobilize individuals, families and organizations in efforts to build a community of opportunity


Present: Jan Novak, DHS; Eli Ashley, DHS; Jill Wilbert, CAP Services -Domestic Abuse Outreach; Mary LaBlanc, DHS, Patrick Nehring  UW-Extension; MaryAnn Schilling, UW-Extension; Zina Soltis, UW-Extension; Cory Jungwirth, Family Health/LaClinica; Rev. Rafael Cubilette from Grace United Methodist Church; Becky Mattice & Patti Wohlfeil, Public Health Dept.; Marge Sholar, DHS Board; Renee Ladewig-Lathrop, United Healthcare; Bruce Runnels, GUMC and Historical Museum.

  1. Welcome and Introductions.


  1. Meeting Secretary – Jill will take notes for today’s meeting.


  1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes – Motion to approve the agenda was made by Marge, seconded by Zina, motion carried. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Mary, seconded by MaryAnn, motion carried.


  1. United Health Care Presentation –

Renee was here to explain more about United Health Community Plan.  It serves 60 counties out of the 72 counties in the state.  For Badgercare Plus, adults need to be at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and children need to be at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.


The top three priorities that were identified were: Food Insecurity, Housing and Education.   United Health Care is finding the need in each area. (Find an issue, and then create a program addressing that need).  Renee’s cover area is Sheboygan/Fond du Lac counties and northward. Feel free to contact her with questions and/or to request support:

Renee Ladewig-Lathrop, Community Engagement Specialist-Wisconsin Health Plan United Healthcare P.O. Box 9472

Minneapolis, MN 55440-9472

Phone: 920-997-3289

Email: renne_ladewig_lathrop@uhc.com


United Health Care supports Farm Markets, EBT, Back Pack Programs and School Programs (Head Start).


Looking for funding?  Write a request to Renee on your agency letterhead.  Then United Health Care employees determine where the money goes and the amount.  It is an open application process.  The best time to apply is the beginning of the year and the end of the year.


United Health Care has different sides, including Commercial, Medicare for Seniors/Disabled, and Medicaid for Veterans/ Military.


United Health Care can help financially support EBT but can’t get volunteers.  EBT machines can cost anywhere from $500 – $3000 and also have monthly charges. There is a lot of paperwork and data recording for EBT.  They promote EBT stands (food stands) with double token days.


In 2015, United Health Care monthly average was 1,513 unduplicated cases.


Dinners on Us program will not be coming to Waushara County this year.


  1. Mission and Vision/Purpose –

      Mission – To engage and mobilize individuals, families, and organizations in efforts to build a community of opportunity.


Definition – A community of opportunity offers all members the means to meet the physical needs and fulfill their potential and sense of purpose.


Vision/Purpose – Vision 2020 will work to build a community of opportunity in Waushara County by:

  • Raising awareness about local economic health and its impact on families and the broader community;


  • Developing and connecting community resource to address identified needs; and


  • Facilitating collaborative action


  • Vision 2020 is not a funder of direct services.


Vision 2020 is a committee of the Waushara Prevention Council, Inc. a non-profit network of community members and organizations who collaborate and advocate for effective prevention programs serving Waushara County.


MaryAnn made a motion to accept the mission, definition and purpose/vision as is.  Mary seconded.  Motion carries.


  1. Food Security Survey

Patrick shared that the preliminary results that he received from Public Health are very similar to the results from previous surveys.  There were 165 responses to the survey.  One major change from the last survey that impacts number of low income survey respondents is that now most residents apply for Economic Support services on-line and complete reviews through the call center. In the past, applications and reviews were done in person at DHS.


  1. Village to Village

MaryAnn shared that this is an initiative to have local people support other local people.  Adams-Columbia surveyed over 4,500 households with someone over the age of 55 and over 800 were completed.  The top needs (for now) were listed as: Services (lawn care, plumbing, etc.), exercise classes and Transportation.  The top needs (for future) were: Services (lawn care and plumbing, etc.) and Transportation.  MaryAnn would like to get a group of people to discuss the Village to Village concept.  She also mentioned there is a website, www.vtvnetwork.org.


  1. Fox Valley Technical College Meeting

On August 11, 2016 the Wautoma School District is hosting a board meeting for FVTC to ask the community how they should expand their services in Waushara County.  Everyone is welcome to attend.




  1. Work Group Reports –

The Food Connections group is looking for more members.  This would include helping with community gardens and EBT stands.  They would also like to have more advertising about the community gardens in Feb/March.  They would also like to do a Food Challenge (takes about one hour).  We will add this to the agenda for October’s meeting.  If all Vision 2020 members could look for current farm stands/markets around the county, and let Patrick know about them to keep the list updated, that would be great.


  1. Announcements –

This is Eli Ashley’s last meeting.  We wish her the best.


Back to School Bash will be held on Saturday, August 20th.


Zina will be attending parent’s night at UMOS this week.  If you want her to share your brochures, get them to her by tomorrow.


Our next meeting will be on Monday, October 17th from 10:30 – 12 Noon in Room 109 at the Courthouse.

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