7/12/16 Minutes

Active Aging Committee


July 12, 2016


Mission: Encourages aging adults to continue active healthy lives.

Vision: Exploring unmet needs, services, and existing services, opportunities


Present: Helen, Judy, Deb, Amanda and Pat

Start: 2:10 p.m.


Park Assessment – Mt. Morris Hills County Park: The committee walked around the park to see if the facility was a good place for seniors and those with disabilities to visit. The committee filled out a form which Amanda will keep. The bathrooms had flush toilets with bars  on the walls. The pavillion is accessible from the parking lot for a person in a wheel chair but those using a walker would have a hard time due to the uneven ground.


Active Aging Articles – It was suggested that next years June article be on the Farmer’s Markets in the county. Amanda will talk with Marty to find out how the items from the food drive helped the Waushara County Food Pantry and will incorporate it into the July article. The meal sites collected 584 items this year. This was an increase from the last food collection.


Areas of Priorities for 2016         

  1. A+ Program: Kendra is on maternity leave. Deb will wait till September to contact her concerning programs that seniors can help with. The three ladies that helped with the sewing class want to help again next year.
  2. Trails & Parks Assessment: Finished the assessment for Mt. Morris Hills County Park.
  3. Food Drive: The boxes were creatively decorated by Pamela, Experience Works employee.

           Box drop off and pick up: Food items have been or will be delivered to the food pantries.


  1. Healthy Aging Website: Amanda is still waiting to see if 3 tabs can be added under Healthy Aging.
  2. Community Fair: Public Health and Sheriffs Dept. will have the drug drop off box.
  3. Senior Center Activities: Knitting and Crocheting classes are held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 9:30 to 11:30. There will be a Traveling Easel Project where everyone paints the same picture sometime this fall. The program “Let’s talk about Medicines” will be on June 21 at 10:30. The Dept. of Aging will be having “Lunch n Learns” each month at the meal sites. The Mindfullness presentations will be in 2017. “AMP Aging Mastery Program” will be held on Mondays at the courthouse starting August 22.


Next Meeting & Future Agenda Items: August 9th at 2:00 at Marl Lake Park in order to access park. Deb will bring letters for the Community Fair etc. for committee members to give to potential vendors. Continue updates on above items.


Adjourn: 3:20 p.m.


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