6/22/16 Minutes

Backpack Project Meeting Notes

June 22, 2016


Committee members who arrived early labeled and repackaged fruit cups.


The June meeting of the Backpack Project committee was called to order at 9:30am by Jan Novak.  Those in attendance were:  Eli Ashley, Ronnie Davidson, Peggy Hetzel, Brianna Hintz, Barb Johnson, Mary LaBlanc, Jan Novak, Zina Soltis, and Linda Worden,


The meeting started with introductions and welcoming Brianna, the UWEX Intern.


The 2015-2016 Program was reviewed.  An average of $15 was spent for each child per month.


Coloma Elementary School Update:   Coloma School staff is excited to have us as part of their program.  They have 123 students with 50% FRL, so we have the potential for 62 youth to be involved in the Backpack Project.  The Office Staff will help with delivery of backpacks to students.  Discussion about location for fresh food coupons.  Eli suggested the BP Station across Hwy 39.  We will also need to decide how food will be delivered to Coloma.  A parent introductory/invite letter will be either sent home with school registration packet or in early September. It will include information about the types of food being used in the program.  Question:  Can we handle Coloma financially?  It is believed we can.  Local area sponsors might include:  community foundations; Brakebush Brothers; large area farms; Coloma Lions.


2016-2017 Program Plans:   Operate in similar fashion to the past.  The invite letter should include information about the foods offered and why (cost, nutritional factor, weight, etc.), sample menus, (if you would use the foods and want to participate, then join the program), what to do with unused food.  Jan will determine start dates of the program and number of weeks using the school calendars.  We will also need to determine transportation of backpacks to Tri-County and Coloma.


Menu Review:  Pasta – Substitute black beans, boxed pasta and tortillas for chicken soup on a rotating basis.  Zina would like to see us phase out pudding and jelly.  Members were reminded that ideally the included foods would be those that students can make themselves.


Financial Update:  Shown budget is for the fiscal year.  Currently we have $11,126 available.


Waushara Industries Presentation:  Members adjourned at 10:32am to Waushara Industries for a celebration of the end of the school year and a group picture.



Respectfully Submitted,

Mary LaBlanc


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