7/5/16 Minutes

Waushara Prevention Council, Inc. Meeting Minutes                                                                      July 5th, 2016

Present:  Mary LaBlanc; DHS, Eli Ashley; AmeriCorps, Amanda Kutcher; ADRC, Ashley Rome; Public Health, Trevor Cooper; AmeriCorps, Patti Wohfeil; Public Health, Judy Meier; Citizen, Kelsie Oswald; Upward Bound, Jill Wilbert; CAP Services, MaryAnn Schilling; UW-Extension, Patrick Delrow; Citizen, Linda Francis; Childcaring Inc.

Network and Share Time.

Introductions were done.

Meeting called to order at 12:32pm.

Approval of Minutes and Agenda: All in favor, motion carries.

Financial Report: As of July 2016, WPC has $4015.22, HCHY has $10841.42, Link ‘n Learn has $1152.36, Healthy Babies Coalition has $3053.73, Youth Activities has $211.84, Vision 2020 has $388.47, the Backpack Nutrition Program has $11110.63, and the Resource Directory Fund is at $0.00 for a total balance of $30,773.67. This number will increase when the donations from this year’s Freedom Fest are added.

Approval of Financial Report: All in favor, motion carries.

Correspondence/ Chamber News: No correspondence or chamber news.

Business After Five: Look in Chamber Newsletter send out by Jan for information about the next B@5 event.

New Business:

  1. Upward Bound Program:

-The Upward Bound program works with 5 school districts in Marquette and Waushara Counties.

-The program will be rewriting their grant for next year in the coming months and is looking for support from the Waushara Prevention Council and the community.

-The program is free to students and families. During the academic year, students meet once a week and are given tutoring, help with career/college searches, help with ACT prep, parent workshops, opportunities to attend field trips, college campus visits, enrichment activities, help with college application fees, help with scholarship searches, and they can earn stipends for maintaining high GPAs. During the summer program students attend a 6 week trial run on a college campus where they attend college prep classes and do community service activities.

-WPC committee members were given information about the program and sample letters of support for the program. The Upward Bound program is asking for a letter of support from the Waushara Prevention Council and each of its sub-committees. They are hoping to turn in their grant proposal by August 15th, so they would need the letters of support by August 1st.

  1. Prevention Pointers:

-July 15th: Alzheimer’s Support Program

-July 22nd: Back to School Bash (Jan)

-July 29th: Aging Mastery Program (MaryAnn)

-August 5th: Back to School Bash?? (Jan)

-August 12th: Active Aging (Amanda)

-August 19th: HCHY (Ashley and Mary)

-August 26th: RIC/Where to find resources (Jill and MaryAnn)

-Please email any future Prevention Pointer ideas to Amanda Kutcher.

  1. Secretary Position:

-Eli will be leaving on August 31st, so the secretary position is open. This position could possibly be filled by the next AmeriCorps member. Mary will take notes for the next meeting.

  1. Village to Village Survey:

-The survey was done with Adam-Colombia Cooperative and the UW Center for Cooperatives.

-MaryAnn was asked to disseminate the information obtained by the survey and organized a community breakfast to discuss the results.

-The survey was mailed to 4226 households in Waushara County and had 872 responses.

-MaryAnn handed out overviews of the results to the committee members and the information was discussed.

Committee Reports:

Active Aging: The committee recently did a needs assessment of the Lake Alpine park. They are working on trying to designate one park in Waushara County as a “Safe Park” for older adults, and plan to do a needs assessment in Mt.Morris next week.

-HCHY: The legislative breakfast went well. The committee had many positive comments about the event, but was somewhat disappointed by the lack of law enforcement attending the event.

-Backpack Nutrition Program: Will be adding a 3rd school to the program with a pilot starting in the fall.

-No other questions or comments about the committee reports.

Old Business:

  1. Freedom Fest:

-The event was a fun time for members who helped out. Committee members are encouraged to volunteer at this event next year.

  1. AmeriCorps Member Update:

-Because of the change in member recruitment this year, there are only 5 spots left for AmeriCorps members. Mary would like to have our spot filled as soon as possible. Applications were handed out to the committee members to distribute to potential candidates.

Member Announcements:

-Child caring, Inc. is working with UW-Extension to collaborate on a training. In order to provide most training events in Waushara County, Child caring Inc. needs to meet their requirement of 15 child care providers in the county. It has been difficult to meet this requirement.

-Public Health: The 6 county needs assessment will be done by August 1st. Their AmeriCorps member, Trevor Cooper, will be finished with his AmeriCorps service term on that day as well.

-The ADRC will be having a Health Literacy Program event on July 21st at 10:30am at the Waushara Senior Center. The topic will be about medication. This is a free hour-long training, and participant will receive a workbook, free pill box, and a chance to win a cash prize.

New Business:

  1. Annual Meeting Format and Planning Group:

-The committee would like to see the same format as the past two years, as they both were successful events.

-Jill, MaryAnn, Eli, Mary, and Ashley would like to be part of the planning group.

Future Agenda Items:

AmeriCorps Member Update

-Freedom Fest

Email Jan with any future agenda items.

Next Meeting: Tuesday September 6th, 2016

Patrick motions to adjourn meeting, Linda seconds. Meeting adjourned at 1:55pm.



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