7/18/16 Agenda


(Assigned by County Clerk)


Public Notice – Waushara County


Meeting of: Vision 2020: Ending Poverty in Waushara County

Purpose of Meeting: Regular- Full Membership

Date:   July 18, 2016

Time: 10:30AM-Noon

Place: Waushara County Courthouse Conference Room 109

213 West Park Street, Wautoma


Awareness – Education – Action


                                                Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome – Introductions


  1. Meeting Secretary


  1. Approval of Agenda & Minutes


  1. United Health Care Presentation: Renee Ladewig-Lathrop


  1. Mission & Vision/Purpose (Ad hoc committee)


  1. Waushara County Household Food Security Survey (Patrick Nehring)


  1. Village to Village (Mary Ann Schilling)


  1. Fox Valley Technical College Meeting (Zina Soltis)


  1. Workgroup Reports


  1. Webinar Feedback – (Trevor Cooper, others?)


  1. Announcements & Open Forum


  1. 2016 Meetings –October 17th


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Chairman / Secretary (or designee)



Accepted By:                                                                                                                                                              


** PLEASE NOTE: Under the provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act, if special accommodations are necessary to attend this meeting, please notify

Jan Novak at 920-787-6600 or jan.novak@co.waushara.wi.us



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