4/11/16 Minutes

V2020 Backpack Nutrition Program

Meeting Minutes April 11, 2016


Present:  Peggy Hetzel, Plainfield Business Association & Oasis HCE; Jan Novak, V2020; Ronnie Davidson, UCC Food Pantry; Ashley Rome, Trevor Cooper & Patti Miller, Public Health; Lynda Worden & Mary Wythe, Pine River HCE; Mary LaBlanc, DHS; Eli Ashley, AmeriCorps Member; Jackie Siegel, community member.


Meeting Called to Order: 9:32am

Review Agenda & Minutes – Approved as published.


Parent Survey Update:

  • Gift cards mailed to parents mid-March with letter assuring that identifying information would be shredded.
  • Parent letters summarizing survey responses will be sent home with students this week. Letters to Redgranite address the changes in distribution that were made by the school.
  • Discussed meeting with Wautoma District Administrator. The program will not be offered to another school in the district without a clear commitment to distribute food in student backpacks or lockers to maintain confidentiality.
  • Reviewed program status at Redgranite. Agreed that return to confidential distribution is unlikely.
  • No committee support for having students pick up bags from totes as they enter school due to problems with confidentiality
  • Committee agrees to continue the program as it is at this time, but next year’s registration materials must be very clear about how food will be distributed in that building.
  • Parents requested option of other pastas as a menu change. Ronnie shared small 1# box of GV spaghetti available at Walmart for $1 (SKU: 7874203701). Boxed pasta also on sale at Stone Ridge for .69/box.  Send box of pasta home during May as an experiment. No other menu adjustments
  • End of year letter to parents: Thanking them for participation, we will be reviewing/updating menus – ask for input.
  • End of year letter to principals and coordinators: Notify last day of distribution and thanking them for participating
  • NEXT SCHOOL YEAR: Send survey, asking parents for guidance on menu, etc.
  • MENU: Use summer to review and revise menus


Riverview Elementary Update:

  • Principal is able to provide coordinator time to receive registration information and keep data
  • Distribution during school day is too time consuming for one person – willing to problem solve
  • Wants to maintain integrity and confidentiality of students
  • No lockers, student backpacks hang on hooks in the hall
  • Option: Deliver bags to school separated by classroom. Teacher distributes food to backpack during student specials/recess, etc. This maintains confidential distribution and could make distribution more manageable. Planned to check with staff about this option week of 4/4/16.
  • If Riverview is interested, proceed with parent survey/registration for pilot. Offered to K-3 grade students. Pilot to run 2-3 weeks depending on timing. Survey/registration would need to be sent home the week of April 18th. Parent feedback requested before end of school year.
  • Student population is 385+ with more than 60% FRL participants. Could see as many as 100+ students each week. Will have better idea following parent survey.
  • If add 100 students to current enrollment, will need approximately $12,000 more to serve them.


Financial Update: Reviewed current status and discussed Foundation funding for next year


Adjourned: 10:31am > labeling inventory.  Group labeled, bagged and counted 633 oatmeal packets in 18 min!


Next Meeting:  MONDAY May 2nd, 2016 1pm Conference Rm 109-Waushara County Courthouse

Submitted by: Jan Novak

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